BBWARM launched the Watershed Watchers Program in 2017 to increase community engagement with stormwater and water quality issues in the Birch Bay Watershed. This program provides concerned citizens and environmental stewards with opportunities to reduce stormwater impacts and protect water quality in the Birch Bay and Terrell Creek Watersheds.

There are two main ways to participate in Watershed Watchers:

    1. Report stormwater problems associated with drainage, pollution, erosion, infrastructure, maintenance needs, and illegal dumping.

    2. Adopt-a-Block to help keep your community free of trash and debris



Adopt-a-Block Kits Are Now Available!

The Birch Bay Watershed Watchers are excited to announce that the Adopt-A-Block kits are now available to check out at the Birch Bay Visitor Information Center! Do you know a street, park, or portion of beach that could use a little extra love? If so, we want to hear from you! We are looking for individuals, community groups, and businesses to adopt portions of the community and commit to keeping them free of garbage, debris and other contaminants. The kits are supplied with lawn signs, safety vests, trash pickers, garbage bags, gloves, and storm drain markers. For more information, please contact Kate Rice via email: krice@co.whatcom.wa.us or call 360-778-6302.

Report Volunteer Hours Here!

If you are an active Adopt-a-Block volunteer, please use this form to upload your volunteer hours. This helps us fund the program and lets you keep using the free equipment kits!

Get Your Own Adopt-a-Block Sign!

Would you like your very own BBWARM Watershed Watchers Adopt-a-Block lawn sign? Adopt a section of road, beach, stream or park within Birch Bay and commit to keeping it free of trash and debris- it's that simple!

As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Let's all pitch in and keep this beautiful bay clean! To get involved in the program, contact Holly Faulstich.


If you notice water pollution in your community, report it on the Water Reporter App or by calling the RE Sources pollution hotline at (360) 220-0556. When signing up for the app, make sure you join the North Sound Baykeepers group to report local pollution. You can also use this app or hotline to report issues related to stormwater or water quality.


Does your neighborhood have drainage, flooding or erosion issues? Have you noticed poor water quality in Terrell Creek or trash on Birch Bay beaches? If so, consider volunteering your time with the new Watershed Watchers Program to help solve these problems.

This collaborative effort between the Birch Bay Watershed & Aquatic Resources Management (BBWARM) District and the Whatcom Conservation District is designed to give concerned citizens and environmental stewards an opportunity to improve their community through beach clean-ups, education & outreach, stormwater monitoring, habitat restoration, water quality improvements, and more.

Watershed Watcher volunteers are trained to monitor conditions and report problems associated with poor drainage, inadequate infrastructure, maintenance needs, pollution, illegal dumping, and/or indicators of bluff failure. Proactive monitoring will help us identify:

1. Maintenance needs (i.e. cleaning out ditches/catch basins)

2. Chronic flooding, erosion issues and potential bluff failures

3. Water quality, spills, or pollution problems

4. Habitat improvement opportunities

Stay tuned for information on our next training session, or contact Holly Faulstich at (360) 778-6290, HFaulsti@co.whatcom.wa.us to find out ways to get involved.