Does your neighborhood have drainage, flooding or erosion issues? Have you noticed poor water quality in Terrell Creek or trash on Birch Bay beaches? If so, consider volunteering your time with the Watershed Watchers Program to help solve these problems.

BBWARM launched the Watershed Watchers Program in 2017 to increase community engagement with stormwater and water quality issues in Birch Bay. This program provides concerned citizens and environmental stewards with opportunities to reduce stormwater impacts and protect water quality in the Birch Bay and Terrell Creek Watersheds. You can help protect our watershed by doing the following:

  1. Reporting stormwater issues or pollution.

  2. Picking up litter.

  3. Keeping storm drains clear of debris.

Interested in signing up? Below is everything you need to get started as a Watershed Watcher!


If you notice water pollution in your community, report it on the Water Reporter App or by calling the RE Sources pollution hotline at (360) 220-0556. When signing up for the app, make sure you join the North Sound Baykeepers group to report local pollution. You can also use this app or hotline to report issues related to stormwater or water quality.

If you notice any of the issues below, you can report it using the app. Download the app today so you are ready to send in a report if you notice something!

How to use the Water Reporter App: https://www.re-sources.org/2019/06/how-a-smartphone-app-can-track-and-clean-up-pollution/

Not exactly sure what pollution looks like? No problem! Check out this detailed Guide to Spotting Water Pollution.

Other ways to report stormwater pollution:

For spills, call Whatcom County Public Works at (360) 778-6230.

For after-hours hazardous material spills, call 911.


Choose a spot in the Birch Bay watershed to pickup litter with the FREE cleanup kit provided. Maybe it’s your neighborhood, a public beach or your favorite park? Please be sure to complete a liability waiver at the bottom of this page before you begin working!

Report Your Hours

It’s important to report your hours after every cleanup, or at least monthly. It helps us continue to fund the program through the Whatcom County Health Department’s Adopt-A-Road program. Please fill out the form completely for each cleanup effort you make. You will receive a monthly email reminder from the program coordinator just in case you forget.

Click the form below to submit your hours each time your preform a litter clean-up.


Anything that makes its way into a storm drain (a.k.a. catch basin) goes straight to the nearest waterway (creek/bay) with little or no treatment. Hence, the importance of “only rain down the drain!” Storm drains also help move water and prevent flooding. When litter or other debris like leaves build up on a storm drain, flooding can occur.

Here’s where you come in: if you see a storm drain that needs clearing in your neighborhood, grab a wire brush or broom and clear the debris. The stormwater system and your neighbors will thank you!


Fill out and submit the liability form below to register for the program. We partner with the Whatcom County Health Department Adopt-A-Road program for the litter clean up. Once we receive your form, we will contact you about picking up your litter clean up kit.