BBWARM has a Citizen Advisory Committee with five members appointed by the Whatcom County Flood Control Zone District Board of Supervisors (County Council) for four-year terms. The Advisory Committee represents the Birch Bay community to ensure its interests are represented in BBWARM activities. The committee is integrally involved in setting strategic goals and work plans, prioritizing capital improvement projects, and recommending budgets for the BBWARM stormwater program.


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Meetings are scheduled quarterly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6-8pm (usually in January, April, July and October). One of the quarterly meetings is typically hosted as a daytime annual retreat instead of an evening meeting. Other special work sessions or public meetings may be scheduled as needed. Meetings are open to the public and advertised. Staff create a draft agenda, review it with the committee chair, and finalize it one week prior to each meeting when it’s then posted on the website and emailed out. Please reach out to staff in advance if there are topics you would like added to the agenda. Each advisory committee member is responsible for attending and actively participating in at least four advisory committee meetings per year.

BBWARM meetings and records are subject to the Open Public Meetings Act (RCW 42.30) and Public Records Act (RCW 42.56).

Open Public Meetings Act Key Points:

  • Any BBWARM Advisory Committee discussion between three or more members (a quorum) needs to take place at a public meeting

  • Any discussion in person, by phone, or via email between three or more members should be postponed until it can be held at a public meeting

  • Meeting time, location, and agenda are advertised to the public in advance

  • No conditions on public attendance

  • No right of the public to comment or discuss

  • Special meetings and work sessions are also required to be public meetings

  • Open Public Meetings Act

Public Records Act Key Points:

  • All BBWARM related documents (including email) are considered public records and subject to retention requirements and public information requests

  • Email communication on personal computers is NOT exempt

  • Public Records Act

Committee Rules, Expectations, and Definitions:

Committee Establishment:


The area around the mouth of Terrell Creek was closed to shellfish harvest by the Washington State Department of Health in 2008 due to high fecal coliform levels in the creek. State law required the creation of the Birch Bay Shellfish Protection District in 2009 in response to the closure. Because the BBWARM District and Advisory Committee were already established and working on efforts to improve water quality in the Birch Bay Watershed, Whatcom County Council established the Birch Bay Shellfish Protection District with the same boundaries and shared advisory committee membership in 2009. The Birch Bay Shellfish Protection District Advisory Committee includes the five BBWARM members plus additional representation of tribal and shellfish interests (currently vacant). BBWARM’s stormwater program implements priority recommendations from the shellfish closure response strategy.

Shellfish Protection Reference Information: