Capital improvement projects (CIPs) improve stormwater systems to protect water quality and reduce the risk of flooding. Learn more about BBWARM CIPs.

A new small works program was initiated in 2017, aimed at addressing smaller-scale, low-cost construction and maintenance projects. Learn more about BBWARM Small Works Projects.

BBWARM's education and outreach program is designed to increase public knowledge about stormwater issues and promote voluntary actions that reduce stormwater problems. Learn more about BBWARM education and outreach projects.

Protecting water quality ensures Birch Bay remains safe for recreation and shellfish harvesting. Good water quality also supports a healthy aquatic ecosystem. BBWARM supports Whatcom County's comprehensive water quality monitoring program for the Birch Bay Watershed. Learn more about water quality.

BBWARM has completed subwatershed master plans for urbanized sub-basins in the Birch Bay watershed. These plans provide detailed information on existing stormwater facilities and identify priority areas for improvements. Learn more about subwatershed master plans.

Aquatic habitat in local streams, wetlands, and near-shore areas is often physically altered by new development which causes problems for aquatic plants and animals. The BBWARM District is taking action to reduce the impacts of development in the Birch Bay Watershed and improve and protect aquatic habitat. Click here to learn more about how our community can improve aquatic habitat.