Construction on this project was initially scheduled for summer 2018. A recent outfall failure on Point Whitehorn may require this project to be rescheduled for construction fall of 2020. For more information, contact Kraig Olason, Senior Planner, Whatcom County Public Works, 360-778-6301


This project will improve drainage by installing a new conveyance system along Birch Bay Drive and Harborview Road from the intersection of Birch Bay Lynden Road to a new outfall in Birch Bay.

Key improvement objectives:

  • Improve upland stormwater conveyance to a properly-sized replacement outfall to Birch Bay
  • Enlarge outfall to eliminate backwater flooding of nearshore drainage system during high tide events
  • Eliminate/reduce combined tidal and stormwater flooding on road right-of-way and adjacent properties along Birch Bay Drive

The proposed system is designed to convey the 100-year storm event through an upgraded stormwater conveyance system, which consist of catch basins and buried pipe.

Preliminary design work has been completed and includes a new drainage system layout for the area along Birch Bay Drive from the 8100 block to the intersection with Harborview Road. The Birch Bay Drive system consists of a 24” mainline placed in the existing roadway that will convey stormwater collected by a parallel system along the east side of Birch Bay Drive, consisting of catch basins connected to 8” and 12” drain lines. The 24” mainline will connect to the new marine outfall located at the intersection of Birch Bay Drive and Harborview Road. An existing system, which provides drainage from the Bay Center Market and Windermere Real Estate Office, will be incorporated into the new marine outfall.

The Harborview Road improvements include the outfall described above, which will consist of either a 42-48” pipe or a 6’x4’ box culvert connected to a 36” diameter pipe that extends up to the intersection of Birch Bay Lynden Road. The current upland drainage system will be abandoned and the existing upland drainage will be incorporated into the new system.

The new marine outfall will replace the existing marine outfall now located directly west of the Sands Condominiums located at 8075 Harborview Road. The existing outfall is undersized, in poor shape and is slated for replacement by the Birch Bay Drive Pedestrian Facility Project. As a result of the Harborview Road & Birch Bay Drive Storm Drainage Improvement Project, the existing outfall located adjacent to the Sands Condominiums and a new outfall proposed at 8086 Birch Bay Drive, will not need to be constructed.


    1. Upsize the upland drainage system along Harborview from Birch Bay Lynden Road to a new marine outfall into Birch Bay
    2. Improve drainage system along a portion of Birch Bay Drive and connect existing drainage system into new marine outfall at Harborview and Birch Bay Drive


This project will consist of the Birch Bay Drive drainage upgrade, the marine outfall replacement and storm drain system installation up to Birch Bay Lynden Road. The project is tentatively scheduled for 2020 and will take an estimated 6 weeks to complete. The project requires coordination with the Birch Bay Drive Pedestrian Facility Project.

Construction Year: 2020

Engineer: Anchor QEA

Contractor: TBD

Construction Contract: TBD


    • Click here to review the powerpoint presentation from the January 18, 2017 BBWARM Advisory Committee meeting.
    • Conceptual Design Plans
    • Click here to view the September 19, 2018 presentation to the BBWARM Advisory Committee meeting.