The Beachway Drive and Fern/Park Stormwater Improvement Project is located in the vicinity of the Beachway Drive and Birch Bay Drive intersection and was identified as a capital project in the Central North Subwatershed Master Plan. A new stormwater system was installed along Park Lane, Fern Street and Beachway Drive to carry flows from higher-elevation land above the beach to a new stormwater outfall on the beach. A new low-level stormwater system was installed to carry flows from low areas around Birch Bay Drive to a separate, smaller outfall. Separating high- and low-level flows protects lower elevation properties from upland runoff.

Project components include: a new high-level conveyance system from Park Lane and Fern Street down Beachway Drive to the beach, a new low-level system along Birch Bay Drive, a cartridge treatment vault at the corner of Fern Street and Beachway Drive to remove pollutants, improved drainage at the lower end of Maple Street, and removal of a derelict concrete boat ramp on the beach.

Project Goals

    • Reduce flooding

    • Improve water quality

    • Provide drainage to areas without stormwater facilities

    • Separate high-level and low-level stormwater systems

Construction Year: 2014

Engineer: Tetra Tech, Inc.

Contractor: Len Honcoop Gravel, Inc.

Construction Contract: $521,000


For More Information: contact the Whatcom County Stormwater division at (360) 778-6230


Beachway project area map


Installing new pipe on the beach.

Installing a new HDPE outfall pipe on the beach.

Click here for a project slide show.