Witness King Tides December 5-7 & January 5-6

Post date: Dec 11, 2013 6:26:28 PM

King tide events last December brought wide-spread flooding to coastal areas around Birch Bay when they coincided with a low pressure system and winter storm. King tides occur every winter around December and January and have the potential to affect property owners in the low lying areas around Birch Bay. Washington Sea Grant has joined an international effort to "Witness King Tides." King Tides are extreme high tides taking place certain times of the year when the moon is closest to the Earth. We can use this highest-tide opportunity to visualize how our shorelines might look in the future in the face of rising sea levels. The weekend of December 5-7 as well as the first weekend in January (January 5-6) will both bring King Tides. To learn more about King Tides, please visit http://washington.kingtides.net/. We invite you to take pictures of this highest-tide event and share them. You can find this under the Get Involved > Share Your Photos section of the website. In addition, please see the press release below regarding the King Tide events taking place this weekend across the shorelines of Washington State. http://www.ecy.wa.gov/news/2013/294.html. The Department of Ecology invites you to upload pictures to Flickr as well.