Volunteers Wanted to Conduct Intertidal Monitoring Around Point Whitehorn

Post date: Apr 13, 2016 11:07:36 PM

Whatcom County Intertidal Monitoring Around Point Whitehorn and Nearby Shoreline

Volunteers are needed to help conduct research on the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve. Volunteers will observe and record the diversity of intertidal animals and plants along four profiles at different tidal elevations. On these four profiles, the number of individual animals, and area coverage of plants, algae, and colonial and aggregating animals are counted.

This is really important work to track the status of our shoreline plants and animals and is part of ongoing research and data collection undertaken by the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve. All who are interested are welcome! The following are dates for training and dates of the surveys. If people can't make the training on April 23, you can be trained some on site at the surveys.

Thanks so much for your interest!

Training: April 23rd. Marine Life Center - 1 - 3 PM (address is 1801 Roder Avenue #100, Bellingham WA


May 10 - Point Whitehorn Park Survey at 12 PM

June 5 - Point Whitehorn Survey at 9 AM

July 3rd - Neptune Beach Survey @ 8:30 AM

July 5th - Intalco Survey @ 10AM

Surveys will take about 4 hours.

Contact: Eleanor Hines, ( eleanorh@re-sources.org ) for more info.