Final Birch Bay Central South Subwatershed Master Plan Now Available

Post date: Jan 27, 2015 7:01:51 PM

The final Birch Bay Central South Subwatershed Master Plan is now available on the subwatershed master plan page. BBWARM is completing subwatershed master plans for developed subbasins within the BBWARM District. Each plan is developed from a detailed inventory of existing stormwater facilities (e.g., ditches, pipes, vaults, and catch basins). Inventory data and citizen reports are used to identify and evaluate stormwater problems within the subbasins included in each plan. Each plan includes a list of recommended stormwater system maintenance, small works, and capital improvement projects. The Birch Bay Central North Subwatershed Master Plan was completed in 2013. BBWARM will begin work on plans for the remaining subbasins later this year.