Coastal Flooding Possible Next Few Days

Post date: Dec 14, 2012 12:35:03 AM

Flooding from high tide December 2, 2012

Whatcom County Public Works River and Flood staff are warning that the highest predicted tidal series of the winter will occur over the next several days. This will set up the possibility of coastal flooding under certain conditions. The biggest threat for coastal flooding is forecast for Monday, December 17th when severe low pressure could increase high tide by 2 feet. If strong winds coincide with this low pressure system flooding could be worse. Flooding in low lying coastal areas around Birch Bay could be similar or worse than what residents experienced the first week of December (see photo courtesy of Birch Bay Water and Sewer District).

Strong winds, mostly south/southeast, are forecast at times so easterly and southerly facing shoreline areas are particularly vulnerable if the strong winds coincide with the high tides. The wind could shift to westerlies at times as fronts pass by, although usually less intense, so westerly facing shorelines are not totally in the clear.

Predicted High Tides (Cherry Point)

12/13 Thu 06:12 AM 10.36 H

12/14 Fri 06:55 AM 10.65 H

12/15 Sat 07:38 AM 10.74 H

12/16 Sun 08:19 AM 10.69 H

12/17 Mon 08:59 AM 10.53 H

12/18 Tue 09:38 AM 10.31 H

12/19 Wed 10:15 AM 10.02 H

12/20 Thu 10:50 AM 9.7 H

12/21 Fri 11:25 AM 9.36 H

12/22 Sat 11:58 AM 9.01 H