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Water Quality Monitoring

BBWARM participates in a comprehensive water quality monitoring program for the Birch Bay watershed managed by Whatcom County Public Works Natural Resources.  Monitoring focuses on fecal coliform bacteria pollution.  The overall goals of the water quality program are to protect public health and protect shellfish beds in Birch Bay. Monitoring data are compared to state health standards and used to identify sources priority drainages for water quality improvement.  

  • Access current water quality monitoring data for the Birch Bay and Terrell Creek watershed.
  • Explore interactive water quality maps.  
  • Learn more about the sources of fecal coliform pollution.
  • Learn more about how to keep our water ways clean.

Click here to learn about water quality related beach closures in Birch Bay.

Collecting a water quality sample from Terrell Creek.

Whatcom County Public Works staff collecting a water sample from Terrell Creek.