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Education & Outreach


Every resident and visitor in the Birch Bay Watershed has the power to help solve stormwater problems and protect water quality through their individual choices and actions.  BBWARM's education and outreach program is designed to increase public knowledge of stormwater problems and solutions and to promote citizen actions that keep pollution out of the water and reduce drainage problems.


Does your neighborhood have drainage, flooding, erosion or water quality issues? Take the first step toward solving these stormwater issues by monitoring and reporting conditions in your area before and after large rain events. Learn more
Sustainable LandscapingHomeowners can make simple changes in their landscaping and gardening practices to help keep stormwater clean and slow down runoff.  Learn more
Pet Waste Picking up pet waste and putting it in the trash is a simple thing pet owners can do to keep bacteria and other pathogens out of our streams and Birch Bay.  BBWARM and community volunteers make it easy by maintaining the pet waste stations around Birch Bay Drive. Learn more
Private Stormwater Systems Many homeowners associations and commercial properties are responsible for stormwater systems like stormwater ponds. Regularly inspecting and maintaining these systems keeps repair costs down and ensures they work properly to slow down and clean up stormwater.
Learn more

Clean Terrell CampaignThe Terrell Creek Landowner Stewardship Program works to keep Terrell Creek clean. The Chums of Terrell Creek are partnering with the Whatcom Conservation District and BBWARM to bring this program to the upper Terrell Creek watershed. Click here to visit the Chums of Terrell Creek website and learn more.  

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are an easy way to slow down stormwater runoff from your roof and save water at the same time. BBWARM and the Birch Bay Water and Sewer District offer workshops to help Birch Bay residents install rain barrels at their homes.  Learn more

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