Seaview Drive Drainage Upgrade

Project Goals

  • Capture stormwater runoff
  • Improve water quality
  • Reduce ground water inputs
Project Description
The Seaview Drive Drainage Upgrade Project is located on Seaview Drive between Sunset Street and Maple Crest Avenue in the Cottonwood Neighborhood.  It was identified as an additional project need after completion of the Cottonwood Neighborhood Drainage Improvement project in 2013.  The old stormwater drainage system along Seaview Drive was failing and did not capture overland flow, allowing  sheetflow to drain over the bluff above Birch Bay Drive.  This project replaced failing pipes and driveway culverts, improved existing ditches, and replaced catch basins.  These improvements now direct stormwater to the bioswale built in 2013 at the corner of Seaview Drive and Maple Crest Avenue, reducing the amount of water soaking into the ground near the steep bluff.  Water quality is also improved as more runoff is treated in the bioswale. 

Seaview Drive

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Seaview Drive project area

Construction Year: 2015

Engineer: Amor Terra, LLC

Contractor:  Colacurcio Brothers, Inc

Construction Contract: $190,000